Herbal Medicine Making Workshops and Herb Identification Walks
Special Rates

How would you like to learn to identify many of the free medicinal and edible plants that grow wild all around your house, learn when and how to properly harvest these herbs and then go into your kitchen and prepare high quality herbal medicine?

This is an opportunity to learn every step of medicine making from scratch, which will begin with wildcrafting for your herbs to actually making your own extracts (tinctures), fluid extracts, infusions, decoctions, syrups, and other therapeutic products such as salves, infused oils, and skin     creams.  Linda will discuss identification and growth cycles, cultivation, ethical wildcrafting, harvesting at the optimum season, preservation for long term storage and the medicinal            usage and value of these commonly available wild plants, many of which are well researched      herbal medicines that are sold throughout the world. 

Come only for the one day workshop or stay a weekend or better yet, treat yourself to a              week in a two bedroom, two bath secluded luxury cabin with all the amenities of home              sweet home.  The cabin is only a short walk to the Appalachian Trail.  You'll have the quiet           and beauty of Roan Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the eastern United States with the    largest natural stand of rhododendron in the world or you can enjoy the amenities of Roan      Mountain State Park, which offers 25 miles of hiking trails, trout fishing, day/evening tennis, swimming pool, volleyball and game room.  We're only a short ride to the Western North         Carolina ski slopes of Beech and Sugar mountains, shopping, fine restaurants, Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls, white water rafting, and much more.

Workshops and Cabin Special Packages:

  • Seven Nights (2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Cabin)
    Medicine Making Workshop
    (4 Hours)
    Medicinal and Edible Herb Identification Walk
    (1 Hour)
    $199.00 EA (Four Persons Minimum)


  • Two Nights (2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Cabin)
    Medicine Making Workshop
    (4 Hours)
    $99.00 EA (Four Persons Minimum)  


Four Hour Workshops:                                                   Cabin Guests: $120.00  EA (NO  Minimum Persons)                                                                                  Non-Guests:   $130.00 EA (Two Persons Minimum)

Two Hour Mini-Workshops:                                                  Cabin Guests: $65.00 EA (NO Minimum Persons)                                                   Non-Guests:   $75.00 EA (Two Persons Minimum)                                                   

Supplies and Herbs are included in above prices   

MEDICINAL & WILD EDIBLE HERB WALKS                                                          $20.00 Ea (4 Persons Minimum)  $10.00 Ea (8 or More Persons)        


Medicine Garden to Medicine Chest

An Essential Reference Guide to Making Top Quality 
Herbal Medicine by Linda Ascher
   Coming Soon!


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Take charge of your health! This manual will show you how you can easily grow and make low cost to even free, high quality medicines that are equal to or better than what you are currently buying. Pharmaceutical drugs are complicating our health with their toxic side effects and antibiotics are no longer effective for the many new drug resistant strains of bacteria.

This is an empowering opportunity to start your very own medicine garden right in your own back yard or by organizing a community medicine garden in your neighborhood, and sharing and maintaining your medicine garden as a community project. Your medicine garden will reward you many times over with potent medicine that is conveniently available whenever you need it, and you will be making an immense contribution to our planet by saving valuable medicinal plants from becoming endangered or even extinct.

You will learn ...

  • How to make your very own top quality herbal medicines and save countless dollars with these simple step-by-step instructions.
  • How to easily start and maintain your health promoting medicine garden.
  • How to buy quality herbs for your medicine chest if growing them is not an option.
  • Detailed information on just a few common, easy to grow plants that provide all the therapeutic actions for good health.
  • The part/s of each plant that will provide nutritional food, as well as potent medicine.
  • Detailed harvesting and drying techniques for long term potency and storage.

Medicine Garden to Medicine Chest will enable you to enjoy great satisfaction and personal freedom by creating your own high quality, health promoting medicine chest right in your own kitchen. Donít hesitate!  Start today and you too will be making your own cold and flu remedies, heart, lung, liver, kidney, colon and other tonics, digestive bitters, calcium and menopause supplements, wound salves, stress formulas and more.

Herbal educator, Linda Ascher lives in the mountains of east Tennessee and has been studying herbal medicine and wild edibles for more than twenty years. She conducts workshops on herbal medicine-making in Roan Mountain, TN. She has studied under  Dr. Christopher of the School of Natural Healing and Tieraona Low Dog, MD. She may  be reached at info@GreenEarthMountainRetreat.com


Cover Artist: Gloria Reynertson is an artist and illustrator and lives in Hollywood, Florida. She may be reached by Email: glorie42@aol.com

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